Alfons’ is a down-to-earth wine bar, where the intimacy makes you feel like being in your own living room. Our highest aim is to make you (and ourselves) feel good and even maybe getting new friends while at it. Besides our love for wine, the warm tunes coming through the speakers are also something that Alfons cares about - Jazz, soul, funk, disco, house and anything in between.

Alfons’ has been established by five guys, who other than their love for wine wish to bring new life to Skelbækgade and add to the peculiar charm. Stop by and you’ll most likely end up chatting with one or more of us:)

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The street of Skelbækgade has historically been one of the roughest streets of Vesterbro - with all the characteristics that make Vesterbro so special. It’s one of the main entrances to Vesterbro and the meat-packing district (Kødbyen) of Copenhagen. The street has been known for shady activities and Alfons has the double entendre in Danish of being a boy’s name and the word for pimp. In Danish, the verb “to pimp” means to drink or to consume with pleasure.